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Recorded over 10 all-night sessions in the edgily groovy Ikeja district of the Nigerian city, 'Lagos No Shaking' is the first Lagos-recorded album on which Tony has had complete artistic freedom.
Heart racing and palms sweating, I hover around him, edgily willing him to log off and worrying desperately that I'm going to miss something.
The Lesbians' version of Tracy Chapman's "Revolution" brilliantly tips a hat to two pioneers of revolutionary music: The edgily funky bass and jagged guitars evoke Marxist postpunkers Gang of Four, and the chorus's excited shouts refer to riot grrrl progenitors Bikini Kill.
But as he stood tight and tense in a blazer and gangster-style spats, shuffling edgily around the stage, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this live lark was all new to him.
When John Black was in the Paiela valley among the western Ipili, the 'Ipili were chanting i n the tents and the police edgily claimed that they were trying to put the camp asleep so they could attack it.
Edgily chic with a passion for high-concept Prada shoes ("ugly," says her mother), 47-year-old Sharon Katzman became a platinum blonde on a dare at age 24 and has never regretted it.
At a spot called Geysir, fellow tourists looked around edgily in case a quick exit might be required.
Martinez served out edgily for 5-4 and Pierce countered, holding for 5-5.
The limber Ali (Giggi) Johnson edgily grooves his way through a concrete desert in Doug Aitken's video installation Electric Earth.