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Implication: Women are associated with desire, hunger and edibility.
Act of 2015), hospice care may be reinstated if the experimental drug treatment ends and the patient meets hospice edibility requirements.
These species were chosen due to their low reticular depth (Casseres, 1980), fast growth (around two months) and edibility (suitability for human consumption).
As there are many different white species of coral fungi, this name is used with caution and so its edibility must be confirmed before experimenting
Cultural anthropology considers edibility as a symbolic process developed by a set of signs and meanings that interweave food, eating and the relationship between individuals and food.
The meat will be supplied to aid agencies in sealed pouches that will ensure edibility for two years.
The meat will be supplied to aid agencies in sealed pouches to ensure its edibility for two years.
Hsieh, Lien & Meier (2005) studied flower-expressions in Chinese and German and claimed that the Chinese perceive the outer appearance of plants and compile "visualized" Chinese expressions, while the Germans focus on function by adopting the usability and edibility of plants in their expressions.
This sort of case was common, especially in regard to food whose quality might vary to the point that its edibility became a game of chance.
If the person in the perfect experiment said "yes I see the apples redness", if they reported (with sincerity) its colour to be red, if they would later recall having seen the apples redness and could identify this colour from a chart, if they were able to distinguish its colour from others and say it is the same as another 'red', if they made use if its colour to judge its edibility etc.
Despite the ongoing debate over food use-by labels, the retired chemist sent the tin off to a lab to assess its edibility, and it was found to still be good.