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Cooking USOs using heat treatments can increase nutrient density, remove toxicity, improve the flavour and edibility, and preserve the USO by removing moisture (Wandsnider 1997; O'Connell et al.
Beside damage to living cells, free radicals are the major cause of food deterioration through lipid oxidation which ultimately affect the organoleptic properties and edibility of foods.
The meat will be supplied to aid agencies in sealed pouches that will ensure edibility for two years.
The meat will be supplied to aid agencies in sealed pouches to ensure its edibility for two years.
This sort of case was common, especially in regard to food whose quality might vary to the point that its edibility became a game of chance.
My point is whether health authorities are checking the edibility of these regularly or not.
Despite the ongoing debate over food use-by labels, the retired chemist sent the tin off to a lab to assess its edibility, and it was found to still be good.
Just as one "sniffs" a piece of cooked food to check out its freshness or edibility, similarly one can ask oneself whether there is an immediate sense of discomfort associated with any aspect of the project.
Because the orange peel can be confused with fungi that are poisonous or of unknown edibility such as Otidea spp.
While use of masculine and feminine nouns is common in many languages other than English, the notification of conditions of edibility, dangerousness, proximity and inanimateness add great suppleness of meaning in Jirrbal and Girramay.
It's real food, wholesome and yummy, not dead, processed food brought to life and edibility only with additives, fat, salt and sugar.
A study of cultural bias in field guide determinations of mushroom edibility using the iconic mushroom, Amanita muscaria, as an example.