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25) Included in the edictum perpetuum of the Roman Emperor Hadrian was the phrase "Quod metus causa gestum erit, ratum non habebo" which translates to "[w]hat is done through fear I will not uphold.
134, his mane edictum, post prandia Callirhoen do, Persius is referring to Chariton.
8) But the warmth of that summer is quickly cooled when we take into consideration evidence from the Edictum Theoderici (ET), a brief collection and emendation of Roman law that was composed at some point during Theoderic's reign.
Pithou identified the ET as the work of the Ostrogoth Theoderic (493-526), referring to his 1579 edition as the Edictum Theoderici regis Italiae, a title he apparently derived from the formula that appears at the end of the text: Explicit Edictum Theoderici Regis.
9) The most accessible editions of the ET are those of Friedrich Bluhme, Edictum Theoderici regis in Monumenta Germaniae Historica Leges [hereafter cited as MGH Leges], 5 (Hannover, 1889), pp.
exiit edictum a framquam gibot fon Cesare Angusto demo aluualten keisure, et + V-initial 15.
Censoribus enim inter cetera edictum erat ut cos graviter multarent qui aetatem suam longo tempore caelebem duxissent, non ignari civitatem brevi petituram si id omnibus impune licuisset.
adde quod edictum, quamuis inmite minaxque, attamen in poenae nomine lene fuit: quippe relegatus, non exul, dicor in illo.
bureaucrats and scholars who organized the edictum perpetuum on the basis of the accumulated records of praetorial decisions.
Development of the lex Cornelia de Falsis] came partly through the replies of the emperor or his ministers to requests for decisions in particular cases and partly through the opinions of the great jurists as embodied in such manuals of the law and handbooks for provincial governors as Gaius' Libri ad edictum provincale, Paul's Sententiae, and Ulpian's Libri de officio proconsulis.