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Freedom: A Photographic History of the African Struggle text by Manning Marable and Leith Mullings; pictures edited by Sophie Spencer-Wood
Making Callaloo: 25 Years of Black Literature edited by Charles Henry Rowell
They indicate that the bulk of edited RNA is synthesized during rather than after mRNA transcription from a still-unidentified template that produces only edited mRNA.
The Harvard Guide to African-American History Harvard University Press Reference Library edited by Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham, Leon F.
A powerful rendering engine eliminates the need to store multiple copies of an image and significantly reduces the storage required for edited images.
A User-Centred Approach to the Wireless World Edited by Ken Crisler (Motorola).
It encompasses the entire news production process--from ingest of feeds, triage of the media, third-party desktop browsing, creation of an edited sequence, high-resolution finished editing, playout under control of a rundown, and access to real-time, shared storage.
A Telestream FlipFactory video-streaming application will be pulling edited video files from the SAN to display web-based delivery of content.
won an Eddie Award for editing "Gladiator," named as Best Edited Feature Film (dramatic) and Joe Hutshing, A.
NASDAQ: AVID) announced today that half of the dramatic films in competition were edited on Avid's nonlinear digital editing systems - as well as many other film categories.
Timeline "dupe detection" functionality, which interactively marks frames used more than once in edited sequences, improving footage management for the negative conform.