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We still don't know with certainty who will get struck by lightening, or profit from a stock portfolio, but Aczel shows that the tenets of probability theory can allow people to make educated guesses about the likelihood of a random event.
The scientific method is essentially an exercise in making educated guesses, then doing one's best to prove those guesses wrong.
We invest $3 each for Duke and Winner's educated guesses.
Of course, these are hypothetical scenarios, but one can imagine the direction that the business world may go based on where it currently is and by making some educated guesses on the future.
Until now, says Schmidt, scientists have offered two hypotheses, or educated guesses, to explain menacing shower curtains: "It always came down to one person's opinion versus another's," he says.
In "SNF of the future," Lange and co-author Rand Johnson make some educated guesses as to what techno-marvels may one day be standard equipment for caregivers and administrators.
Although it's impossible to forecast the future, an NCSL task force of the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee has made some educated guesses to help point to possible directions.
Facts, Educated Guesses, and Silly Pictures about Bad Guys on
Also, much of what works is based on educated guesses, not firm knowledge.
The author's educated guesses are always plausible, and frequently insightful, but he stretches the limits of the existing documents.
One thing is certain: Although we can make some educated guesses, we'll never really know the answers, because the Bush administration never tried to find them out.