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A growing number of students are falling prey to the menace due to easy availability of drugs in the educational institutions of the federal capital.
gt; Nurseries, preschools and schools > Higher educational institutions owned or funded by federal or local government.
Dulay has maintained that all revenues being generated by non-profit, non-stock educational institutions are tax-exempt, reversing yet another of his predecessor Kim S.
Receipt of aid does not alter the nature or character of the minority educational institution receiving aid.
Indian Ambassador to Oman Anil Wadhwa visited the stalls of these educational institutions on April 8 and interacted with their representatives.
If a graduating student is unemployable or only employable with extensive retraining, then the educational institution, in essence, has failed.
Ideally, a comprehensive assessment of service learning would consider the needs of all stakeholders--faculty, students, community, and educational institution (Jackson, 1993).
529, which now allows states and qualified educational institutions to create college savings plans, referred to as QTPs, that provide income tax incentives for individuals who set up accounts to pay for a beneficiary's future higher education expenses.
But admission of non-minority students and their own community from other State should be to a limited extent only, otherwise the minority educational institution will lose the protection under Article 30(1), (P.
Both M and J attend college at a qualified educational institution, with annual qualified educational expenses for each daughter in excess of $5,000.
As per the University Grants Commission (Mandatory Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations, 2012, notified on 19th January, 2013, it is mandatory for each Higher Educational Institution to get accredited by an Accreditation Agency after passing out of two batches or six years, whichever is earlier, in accordance with the norms and methodology prescribed by such agency or the Commission, as the case may be.

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