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It really does worry me that so many politicians, so many trade unionists, so many educationalists, environmentalists, and dare I say it journalists - they care with what they say and what they do but they just don't get it.
This is a job for educationalists not for bureaucrats and statisticians.
A statement here Sunday said that gathering teachers, administrators, future leaders and non-governmental organizations from across the world to acknowledge leadership in education, the conference run by global education motivators, teachers and educators served to highlight the role of educationalists from Karachi, Pakistan; Chennai, India; Burnaby, Canada; Mexico City, Mexico; Manila, Philippines and the US, whilst highlighting inspiring initiatives world-wide towards promoting and teaching peace within the classrooms.
21 (SUNA)- A number of veteran educationalists were honored by the end of the National Education Conference Tuesday in the presence of the First Vice - President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, the Walis (governors) of the states, the Ministers of Education of the states, representatives of friendly and sister countries and the Ministers of Education of South Sudan State and Chad.
The event is a great platform for educationalists because it offers everything from the latest ICT and e-learning solutions and lab equipment to interactive technologies, sport equipment and other educational supplies.
Various NGO's will be part of the initiative, such as the Star for life project as well as the Forum for African Women Educationalists in Namibia (FAWENA).
The mobile teams of municipal social protection workers, health practitioners, law enforcement officers, educationalists will work in all districts of Bishkek.
World Shakespeare festival director Deborah Shaw says: "Four years ago, we began conversations with artists, producers, educationalists and curators from across the UK and the world.
Told by the fictional young girl, Laura, it chronicles daily existence through richly drawn characters, people who were allowed to be themselves without the constraints of educationalists and psychologists, let alone health-and-safety officials.
CHALLENGES abound for educationalists in the North East, but today some of them may find new ways for their schools to meet them.
He goes on with the platitude "although the strategy is called Living and Learning in Newcastle, there is nothing about promoting the value of learning" Isn't that the job of educationalists not housing managers?
The awards are presented annually to educationalists who make a meaningful difference to the student and teaching community.

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