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Institute for Professional Learning Baela Raza Jamil, US Institute of Peace country representative Sehar Tariq, public policy expert Dr Gulfraz Ahmed, educationist Valerie Khan, Dr Jamila Razzaq, Abbas Husain, filmmaker Shahzad Nawaz and Haider Azhar were amongst distinguished speakers.
The conference by the Association for Academic Quality (AFAQ) on Vision for the Future" gathered educationists and scholars from 10 Asian and European countries who discussed contents and objectives of the Islamic education.
Medical educationists, with major qualifications, are certified and trained in developing such documents.
The programme aims to develop the skills of educationists by availing of international expertise, he added.
He pointed out that the programme aims to develop the skills of educationists who play a key role in improving the schools' performance by availing of international expertise.
Further, it is deemed as a special appreciation from the country which is constantly working on maintaining the stability of teachers, administrative staff, and the ministry's employees believing in the importance of education and the outstanding role educationists play in developing human resources.
It may be mentioned here that so far there is no national representative association of medical educationists in the country.
Varsities' efforts: Educationists said that all varsities are currently busy preparing the BA/ BSc results and officials and teachers, besides performing these duties are also working hard to verify the degrees.
Dr Muna bint Salim Al Jardaniyah, Education Ministry undersecretary for education and curricula, in her speech said that the seminar is part of the Education MinistryEoe1/4aos endeavour to develop occupational skills of Arabic teachers, curricula experts, supervisors and educationists.
Government plans for children as young as four to be taught to write in sentences and use punctuation were ridiculed yesterday by a group of leading authors and educationists.
Whatever their professional qualifications and talents as individuals, and I have no doubt they have many, the co-authors of the plan, namely Mr Iwan Trefor Jones, the Development Directorate's Strategic Director, and Councillors Dafydd Iwan and Richard Parry Hughes, are not educationists.
Ironically, this vulnerable and largely defensive stance emerged as the dividend of a unified movement among educationists (a derogatory term assigned to education faculty and those who populated the public education infrastructure at various levels) to make American education more equitable.