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Une des actions fondamentales qui a procede par l'evaluation des besoins, a travers l'installation de la commission chargee d'initier la charte d'ethique, composee de la famille educative et des syndicats, elaboration et enrichissement.
Celle-ci a pour consequence l'accroissement des salaires, et, de ce fait, elle stimule le pouvoir d'achat et donc plus d'investissement dans l'education de ses enfants qui devrait aboutir a plus de qualite educative et plus de productivite.
We have also included links to our social media profiles so that customers can engage and interact with the team as well as access our educative content.
The municipality has distributed educative brochures in five languages at all working sites sensitising workers and engineers about the health risks caused by excessive exposure to direct sunlight among other heat strain issues, besides giving first aid care to heat-stricken workers.
You included my client to get screened while reciting a nikah on the assurance that it was to be utilised for some educative purposes but you actually intended to utilise the footage for the film Haider which to the least is obnoxious.
While your press release should be educative and relevant, timing is essential in news distribution.
Another indicator of the general frame of mind was the uncounted discussions with politicised Egyptians, mostly on the sidelines of educative activities and seminars.
I then read those who took offence and responded harshly and finally the concluding letter by Thando and must say that it was informative, a joy to read, educative and, an excellent way of redeeming his/her initial thoughts.
Attended by renowned political figure, former Syrian minister of Culture Riyad Nsan Agha, and famous media personality Hamdi Kandeel, the discussion on Sunday night highlighted the roots of educative media, the rapid development of mass media, and the overall change in public attitude towards the culture of media.
D'un simple magazine ayant pour mission la vulgarisation de la sensibilisation geographique de par le monde, "National Geographic" est devenu la plus grande et plus remarquable institution educative sur le plan scientifique.
SOHAR: Karuna Sohar conducted a seminar on Communicative English and Career Planning recently as part of their initiative towards educative improvement for the students of grades X, XI and XII of Indian School Sohar.
If one visits something like this which is creative we become more aware of these things and it is more educative and interesting.