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Share the video with others to say "thanks" to an educator who influenced you or an educator who is making their students' dreams possible
The free insurance reviews being offered by Gulf Coast Educators Insurance can be used to review auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance policies.
Heiden (2009), a literacy teacher educator, believes "that the ATE standards hold particular potential for informing the recruitment, screening, and hiring of highly qualified teacher educators and for guiding the work and development of early-career teacher educators" (p.
Paul, Minnesota, has used these eight core competencies and 66 related task statements to guide the development of a graduate program that prepares nurse educators and to evaluate nurse educator practice.
To prepare a program on childhood obesity, for example, a health educator might need to consult with pediatricians, exercise physiologists, and nutritionists.
Rather than reaching more students, educators reach fewer students under NCLB.
Educators in both fields have often demanded different criteria for tenure than those used in traditional disciplines because the majority of the faculty members in their ranks enter the academy with Master's degrees instead of doctorates.
Using netTrekker search engines, educators, school librarians, students, and parents save valuable time because they are directed to relevant, reliable, educator-selected websites every time -- meaning less time spent on searching and more time focused on learning.
With an eye to the important work of educator Parker Palmer, critical interfaith education would ground community building in communal, or collaborative, methods of learning.
Macklin, a former Arthur Andersen partner, took an 80 percent pay cut to become an educator 22 years ago.
Maybe you'd like to become a skilled Humane Educator yourself.
However, an informed educator can identify behavioral indicators of a child with profoundly low self-esteem and negative self-image by observing the child's behavior.

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