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The 2013 Eerie Horror Film Festival will feature even more special guests, bigger prizes and lots o' mayhem
It is eerie to find, in the January 1927 issue, an editorial entitled "Armed Intervention in Nicaragua" that denounced the Coolidge invasion because it was "without authority from Congress" and based on a "flimsy pretext.
Dean observed a spooky seance and detected an eerie atmosphere.
The clank of old-fashioned bed pans, the thick, harsh sound the breath makes, the eerie sounds of the life support machines that sustain death?
Highgate has recently been restored for visitors and makes an historic and authentically eerie place to spend Halloween.
The eerie thing had four arms and two legs, a head of wild hair and long face with a huge mouth.
Autumn Colours AUTUMN gold, burnt orange Faded green, deep purple Rusted mustard, clouded grey Orange sunrise, At the break of day Eerie black, night time falls Full moon white, Like a ball Prepared gardens, For winter coats Jack Frost creeping, Silver floats Crispy crunches, Beneath our toes Brown trees fading, White bark shows Silver patterns, On our windows Charcoaled fires, Orange glow Blackened shadows, Tall and dark Stretching out, Into our park Autumn.
Chris Arnold, boss of paranormal events company Eerie Evenings, said the venue, now a museum, was one of the spookiest the organisation has ever visited.
2 : a condition of coming together in space or time <The coincidence of the two events was eerie.
Chased by eerie figures, John and the two other men flee across the sea and into a fantastical land of dreams and nightmares.
The decision by 20th Century Fox to release its horror remake ``The Omen'' on 6/6/06 paid off: The thriller scared up the largest Tuesday gross in history with an eerie first-day take of $12,633,666, the studio said Wednesday.
Acoustic guitars, muffled drums, and hushed tenor vocals form the backbone of these ditties, yet prominent incorporation of weird timbres ("Shift" features what sounds like a scratchy gramophone recording of a piano) and eerie studio F/X place Grizzly Bear in the same echelon as art-damaged psychedeli-folkies like Devendra Banhart.