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This is the setting of one of the eeriest chapters in German writer Gunter Grass's well-known 1959 novel The Tin Drum--and the inspiration for a new theatrical undertaking by Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione (best known as the punk duo the Dresden Dolls).
The eeriest aspect of accelerating change is that we ourselves, and our children, will be the ones soaking in it.
The eeriest thing about Tuol Sleng now is its very normality.
The eeriest thing I remember was helicopters that just hung in the air,'' she says.
In the dance's eeriest image, Kent peered from behind Corella's waist, his arm cradling her doomed head.
One of the eeriest discoveries occurred when students uncovered multiple drugstore envelopes containing hair from members of the Deetken family.
In what will be one of the eeriest auctions in American history, the 1977 Cessna Skyline 182 will be sold over the Internet in November.
It was the eeriest of feelings and then it was gone.
It was one of the weirdest, eeriest sensations of my life.
The eeriest of Evans's images document this absence: the dust-covered rotary phone, papers, and folding chair in a murky green room, the rusty file cabinet amid charred rubble.
Sawyer had the eeriest feeling as he looked into the man's face -- as if somehow he stared directly into one of the many faces of God.
This is one of the eeriest revelations of the Lenten season: That in the story of the temptation of Jesus, the devil turns out to be well-versed in the word of God.