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It was the eeriest of feelings and then it was gone.
It was one of the weirdest, eeriest sensations of my life.
Sawyer had the eeriest feeling as he looked into the man's face -- as if somehow he stared directly into one of the many faces of God.
This is one of the eeriest revelations of the Lenten season: That in the story of the temptation of Jesus, the devil turns out to be well-versed in the word of God.
That was," he says, "the eeriest experience I ever had.
Hobsbawm calls one of the eeriest phenomena of the late 20th century: "the destruction of the past, or rather of the social mechanisms that link one's contemporary experience to that of earlier generations".
Thousands of huge jellyfish, some of nature's eeriest invertebrates (animals without backbones), plagued U.
IgoUgo editors dug deep to find some of the eeriest sites around the globe," said Michelle Doucette, content manager at IgoUgo.
Youngsters at St Mary's C of E Primary in Long Newton love the great outdoors including getting to know some of nature's eeriest creepy crawlies in the bug houses, check out the pictures of the smiling children on page five.
We could be describing Macbeth, but we are not; rather, this was Basualdo's latest and eeriest exhibition, "Todo lo contrario" (Quite the Opposite).
En-suite came in the form of a pot in the eeriest room I've ever set foot in.