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In what reads eerily like a corporate version of George Orwell's 1984, companies are increasingly using high-tech gadgetry to monitor the professional lives of their workers.
Williams is essential reading for those of us who are baffled by the ever-mutating, eerily familiar presence of hatred in the United States.
Near a precipice that bends eerily into a dusty, lighted work area, an upright girder and the surrounding concrete floor has been lifted with the force of the explosion, like a great tree whose roots have pushed up but held through the storm.
Patterns over the last three months have been eerily similar to last year," says Bob Willis, ECA president.
In an eerily similar situation to Friday night, the Proteas - chasing 250 to take a 2-0 series lead - required 60 runs from their final six overs when they initiated their batting powerplay.
EASTENDERS dad Ian Beale gasps as he sees a wall of photos - with his face eerily crossed out in each one.
Just because ``Jericho'' eerily reflects our society's current anxiety as few TV shows have dared doesn't mean people will happily tune in.
In act 2, set 32 years later, Ebersole eerily transforms into the Little Edie we know from the movie, with her insane outfits and stream-of-consciousness monologues.
Several are so eerily scenic that they suggest Hollywood FX--especially Fullmoon@Burns Bay, in which a distant waterfall spills into a storybook cove, and Fullmoon@Pacific, in which rocky outcroppings emerge from what appears to be a fog bank but is in fact the moving current, like the surface of a distant planet imagined by Roger Dean.
And his connection to Yale's eerily secretive Skull & Bones Society opens doors to many of its movers and shakers--though veteran Bones critic Ron Rosenbaum notes the possibility of a "Bones versus Bones smack-down" should Bonesmen Bush and Keny face off in 2004.
Singer and guitarist Craig Ross' rasping but superb voice put a real edge on Feeder- esque song Cherries, while the guitar riff through Kinetic sounded eerily close to that found on The Cult's She Sells Sanctuary.
Baghdad was eerily quiet as the US deadline approached.