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These students should be told, however, that not all dances end the phrase with pointe tendue efface, and that there is a great gulf between what Berkut teaches and what specialists in authentic historical dance have learned through years of devoted, detailed scrutiny of original sources.
White is a sensitive reader of Herbert, attuned to subtleties and implications in the poetry that appreciate rather than efface their tensions.
But then it seems that such a radical critique of the late-Modernist triumphalism of Minimal and post-Minimal sculpture could only emerge from a cultural context in which historical consciousness and subject definitions were still intricately bound up with the recognition that avant-garde practices efface memory as much as they reconstitute it.
To negotiate the many deaths with dignity, a player must efface his or her own impulses to preserve life and human form.
The article sheds light on the hidden aspects of the creative process, one that by nature effaces the borders between creation and documentation.
Tir inside the intestinal cell initiates a cascade of events that effaces the nutrient-absorbing projections from the intestinal cell's outer surface and forces the cell to rearrange itself into a bacterium-embracing pedestal.
Yet in the book's title poem, as he describes a young crack addict on the subway who is itching himself convulsively, Doty seems to become suddenly disgusted with the way poetic language effaces the boy's pitiful reality: "Moth, plum--hear how the imagery aestheticizes?
Aux dernieres nouvelles, Nizar Bahaloul a ete relaches apres avoir ete interroge, alors les enregistrements photographiques ont ete detruits ou effaces, selon nos sources.
In the case of The Tempest, the imposition of a colonialist "frame" effaces a large field of pertinent early modern discourse to which, Schneider contends, the play is tethered - discourse which is rooted in such classical moralists as Aristotle, Cicero, and Seneca, whose centrality to English Renaissance thought Schneider cogently demonstrates.