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A role for calcium homeostasis in podocyte injury also has been supported by the observation that patients treated with high doses of bisphosphonates develop foot process effacement, which may manifest as part of MCN, FSGS, or CG.
Leon engaged in an extreme departure from the standard of practice in the care and treatment of this patient by failing to immediately hospitalize her after she presented with contractions, cervical dilation and effacement.
La spoliation continue des richesses naturelles de ce territoire participe, par ailleurs, de l'entreprise d'[beaucoup moins que] effacement [beaucoup plus grand que] de la souverainete sahraouie entretenue par le Maroc, est-il denonce.
The effacement of Europe on the international scene at this tragic moment is shameful.
They bristle with the prospect of emergence and effacement, and take risks in the hopes of reward.
Tres satisfait" du resultat L'autre volet porte sur un effacement de la dette de la Grece detenue par ses creanciers prives, banques et fonds d'investissement.
On rigid videostroboscopy, the true vocal folds were mobile bilaterally, but fullness of the right false vocal fold had caused effacement of the ventricle and medialization of the true vocal fold (figure 1).
She compares similarities in these societies and their control over women and what types of violence it leads to, as well as the origins and evolution of agnatic descent, endogamy, and preferential cousin marriage, arguing that the effacement of women through customs such as veiling and segregation is a result.
The latter was considered a main component and objective of the festival pilgrimages (as stated in the Musaf Amidah of the Festivals) and an expression par excellence of complete submission and effacement.
coli (EPEC), classically associated with outbreaks of infant diarrhea, harbors distinctive chromosomal (the locus of enterocyte effacement, or LEE island) and plasmidborne (residing on the EPEC adherence factor, or EAF, plasmid) virulence factors, which are linked by common gene regulators (1).
Simon's investigation were at 36 weeks' gestation or later, and the outcomes were stratified by the length of the patient's latent phase of labor, which started with the initiation of oxytocin and the performance of an amniotomy and ended either with a cervical dilation of 4 cm with 80% effacement or with a 5-cm dilation with less effacement.
The core of Palmer's study, in her three central chapters, anatomizes the complicated Elizabethan policy of simultaneous effacement of linguistic difference and occlusion of Irish (chap.