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Formerly the anger of the father was the supremely effective sanction of these rites, but Mr Verloc's placidity in domestic life would have made all mention of anger incredible even to poor Stevie's nervousness.
Dow called for a 3 [cents]/lb increase on g-p crystal and HIPS, and 4 [cents]/lb on ignition-resistant grades, effective Sept.
The email marketing workshops introduce small businesses and nonprofits to the fundamentals of starting and maintaining an effective email marketing program, including the following:
Stephen Sims of Oklahoma City, suspended from membership in the AICPA and the Oklahoma Society of CPAs for a period of two years, effective May 18, 2006.
Total Rent Index in Studley Effective Rent Index 2005 (SERI), effective rents registered an increase in 2004.
as a shell to Delta Dental of California effective Sept.
In its 2003/2004 Communication ROI Study[TM], Watson Wyatt Worldwide found that highly effective communicators go well beyond simply being strategic.
An effective manager expects subordinates to complete work only to discover that faith in an individual often must precede the justification for it, and expecting the best is the most effective way to bring out the best in an individual.
suspended from membership in the AICPA and the Indiana Society of CPAs for one year, effective Nov.
2002-37, and is generally effective for accounting-period changes for which the first effective year ends after Oct.
Theorists' theories of learning and criteria used in constructing useful sites play a vital role in the development of effective sites.
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute, I am writing to recommend that the effective date of the revised section 482 regulations, relating to the treatment of services and the allocation of income and deductions from intangibles, be delayed from January 1, 2007, to at least January 1, 2008.