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Observance; conformity; obedience.

Compliance with the federal Income Tax laws is essential to avoid prosecution for Tax Evasion.


noun accedence, acceptance, accommodation, accord, accordance, acquiescence, adaptability, adherence, agreeability, agreement, assent, bowing, concession, concord, concurrence, conformability, conformance, conformity, consent, consonance, cooperation, dutifulness, harmony, keeping, obedience, obsequium, observance, pliancy, submission, tractability, tractableness, willingness to commly, yielding
Associated concepts: compliance with the law, in compliince with statute, strict compliance, substantial compliance
Foreign phrases: Impotentia excusat legem.The impossibillty of performing a legal duty is an excuse from the perrormance. Obedientia est legis essentia. Obedience is the essence of the law.
See also: acceptance, accordance, acknowledgment, acquiescence, adherence, agreement, amenability, assent, capitulation, comity, compatibility, conciliation, conduct, conformity, conjunction, consent, consortium, conspiracy, deference, devotion, discipline, fealty, homage, indorsement, loyalty, timeliness, understanding
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Aside from gains such as reducing the likelihood and severity of civil enforcement actions, establishing an effective compliance and ethics program just makes good business sense.
If an organization is convicted of a crime, its punishment under the FSGO can be lessened if it has an effective compliance and ethics program.
The third habit of effective compliance is the assurance that the organization is not giving access to information and buff ness processes to an individual likely to exhibit unethical behavior.
Step 2: Align your compliance activities with the elements of an effective compliance program as defined by the U.
Swiftly growing e-mail stores and increasingly stringent e-mail retention and supervision regulations are requiring IT professionals to develop effective compliance strategies.
The assessment is also a good time to develop management tools, such as critical timelines, manuals, audit trails and transaction histories, which contribute to effective compliance.
And though it may not be possible to stop every individual who might commit a crime in your organization, an effective compliance program is the best method to prevent most occurrences, as well as possibly mitigating any penalties or sanctions if the worst does happen.
The company said the new title answers "critical compliance questions drug companies are asking" and provides guidelines for developing, monitoring and managing effective compliance programs.
Self-policing prior to the discovery of the misconduct, including establishing effective compliance procedures and an appropriate tone at the top;
Contractual obligations for the SNF to have an effective compliance program that meets the government's requirements.

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