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At present, effective dose is the only measure available to work out the overall potential biological detriment across various types of radiation exposure [19, 20].
Reduction in effective dose per examination will lead to an overall reduction in population dose.
The experts say reviewing these guidelines is essential, to ensure all children who require penicillin are receiving effective doses.
By anatomical site, chest procedures accounted for 45% of the total effective dose.
Typical effective radiation doses Typical effective dose Study mrem mSv Skull radiographs 4-20 0.
Whole body effective dose was calculated using the following formula (3):
But the effective dose was so high it could only be delivered to patients by infusion into the bloodstream.
The effective dose was less than four millimoles, a concentration much higher than an oral dose but easily achievable by intravenous infusion
The ten-day results, so far available only in a press release from the company, suggest to us that the most effective dose might be higher than any used in that study.
Wyeth has launched a national advertising campaign for its hormone therapy, featuring the lowest effective dose of Prempro.
As a result, patients in the claims database who were on donepezil required far and away the shortest time to reach an effective dose of medication: a mean of just 1.

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