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Converting these (V-R) colour indices to effective temperatures using the tables in reference 7, we find that the maximum and minimum effective temperatures of CQ Boo during a pulsation cycle are ~9000K and ~7700K, hence their ratio is ~1.
Equations 36 and 37 are simultaneously solved to predict the lateral stress [sigma], while the material time and effective temperature are calculated.
The first is the increase in frequency of the deformation cycle which should lead to a decrease of the temperature according to WLF superposition principle, but it is also clear that the effective temperature of the sliding compound is significantly increased with respect to the compound moving on the surface at much lower sliding velocity.
Normally, effective temperature control across multiple zones requires careful, frequent monitoring of each thermostat throughout a building - an inefficient use of time and money, at best.
Frank Siccardi's Coenco System(R), an innovative technique for air movement and destratification that results in effective temperature uniformity throughout a building of any size.
The TKDL-SPR (based on the TranScan Sentinel) is a simple and cost effective temperature data logger for the small vehicle / home delivery sector.
Durability, effective temperature control and maximum flexibility were specified for the latest seventeen Schmitz Cargobull UK, tel:0120 728 2882, tri-axle refrigerated trailers to be delivered to H&H Truck and Trailer Centre Ltd.
The demand for effective temperature management systems continues to rise, and we are pleased to offer our critical care customers Alsius' leading-edge solutions.
The head scientist assigned to the project, Rob Thompson, stated that they "aim to push effective temperatures down to 100 pico-Kelvin.

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