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Generally, current sky effective temperature models vary greatly in both form and complexity.
The 95% confidence intervals of the difference between any 2 sums of effective temperatures based on bootstrap percentiles are:
If the oceans had been able to emit with an effective temperature near 300 K, they would be expected to produce an extensive radiation in the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Further evidence that the decline in deaths is infrastructural is given in newer, southern cities, which have no mortality excursions at high effective temperature.
In the summer, HVLS fans improve worker productivity in un-air conditioned buildings by creating a gentle breeze in the facility's work space, enhancing the effectiveness of the body's own cooling mechanism, and causing people to experience an effective temperature reduction of 6-8 degrees F.
Since the cable is a passive, resistive component, its effective temperature [T.
New water galleries in the top ring and head gasket area provide more effective temperature management in that critical area, according to the company.
At or in the near vicinity of these resonant lines, the atmospheric opacity is strong enough to cause the sky noise temperature to approach the effective temperature of the atmosphere within the first kilometer above the earth's surface.
eff] the effective temperature difference driving force between the hot and the cold sides of the exchanger.
The effective temperature is measured by taking dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperatures at prevailing air-flow rates and by calculations using the Yaglou effective-temperature diagram.
Precisely, this research proposal introduces two main objectives: i) the realization of microscopic trapping potentials where the effective temperature of exciton gases is dynamically controlled.

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