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In recent years, there has been a change in direction in the pharmaceutical industry about methods for effectiveness selling.
It will not be easy for us to remain true to academic ideals of objectivity and candor in the use of new data on institutional effectiveness, but we must.
H3: Student learning styles do not affect the satisfaction or effectiveness of collaborative learning.
TEI's overall effectiveness depends on the breadth of its membership, as well as the willingness and ability of its members both to participate in the Institute's activities and programs and to fill key leadership positions.
SAS 61, which regulates communications between the outside CPA firm and the audit committee, has had more impact on the effectiveness of audit committees than SOX, according to Bill LeRoy, a partner at BDO Seidman.
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board says public companies must assess the design and operating effectiveness of company-level controls in addition to examining detailed control activities at the process and transactional levels.
In contrast, in terms of reducing the cumulative number of new cases of TB, postexposure vaccines initially had substantially greater effectiveness than preexposure vaccines.
Develop the methodology to select either fins of chills with the same or similar effectiveness to the aluminum sand casting process.
Watson Wyatt Worldwide asked participants in the "Connecting Organizational Communication to Financial Performance: 2003/2004 Communication ROI Study[TM]" to rate their organization's overall effectiveness in communication against the dimensions that constitute effective communication.
The reviewers called for more and better research, cautioning that "insufficient evidence to determine effectiveness should not be interpreted as evidence of ineffectiveness.
Clearly, more guidance will be forthcoming as the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) moves forward with its plans to issue new standards governing the auditor's responsibility to attest to management's report on the effectiveness of internal controls.
Stratton noted that CPSC has its own recall effectiveness research project, and that it will shortly convene a roundtable with CPSC staff, consumers, representatives of industry, and others to study the recall effectiveness problem.