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And how effective is any hermeneutic philosophy which excludes ideology for the explication of race, racial relations, and the effectivity of race in cultural practices?
The bill provides that within one year after the effectivity of the measure, an online payment system shall be established wherein the OFW-borrower may pay the loan amortization through the Internet.
affects its effectivity in an industrial setting more than the topology.
Therefore, the young must be educated in how to chose the correct brand, size and shape, in order to increase pleasure, comfort and effectivity.
PLM capabilities include product and process configuration, change control and effectivity, process creation, workflow, access management, digital mockup and visualization, as well as vaulting, storage, security, and other data administration capabilities.
The AD also limits effectivity to exclude those aircraft manufactured with the improved design exhaust system and is effective 17 March 2000.
The implementation of virtual methods leads to immediate decisions on effectivity from various aspects.
This means that we can extradite the plunder criminals if they flee to the UK, Spain, or India, even though the plunder was committed before the effectivity of the extradition treaties," the senator said.
That these fantasies are supplemental does not reduce their effectivity.
The bill also seeks the amendment of Section 35 of the NIRC of 1997, as amended, on allowance of personal exemption for individual taxpayers so that not later than three years after the effectivity of the Act and every three years thereafter, the amounts of basic personal exemption and additional exemption for dependents herein stated shall be adjusted to present values using the CPI, as published by the NSO.
Welch's insistence on the issue of the effectivity of the "saturation of (ducal) images" in the city leads to a synchronic discussion of the institutional structures providing the context for and on occasion enabling - princely self-representation.
Head of Generali PPF Holding Pricing Competence Center, said, "The effectivity of the Earnix Optimizer pricing platform and the breadth and depth of functionality it offered were the main drivers of our final decision.