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Simulation #2--As received geometry stimulated with all shop floor based process parameters identical to Simulation #1, but with a feeding effectivity value of 20%.
The first part of this paper will trace the emergence of the constitutive model of rhetorical effectivity.
And how effective is any hermeneutic philosophy which excludes ideology for the explication of race, racial relations, and the effectivity of race in cultural practices?
Andrew Bergin, CIO at Minnesota-based Bergin Fruit and Nut Company (sponsor of the pricing effectivity enhancements in version 3.
With 20+ years of delivering support services around the world, our team can ensure that the client's issues are resolved quickly and effectivity.
In extending the mandate of the IMT -- which was supposed to expire by March 2012 -- the negotiating parties also prolonged the effectivity of the Terms of Referrence of the Humanitarian Rehabilitation and Development Component (HRDC).
PLM capabilities include product and process configuration, change control and effectivity, process creation, workflow, access management, digital mockup and visualization, as well as vaulting, storage, security, and other data administration capabilities.
affects its effectivity in an industrial setting more than the topology.
To enhance effectivity of the hydraulicking method used to expose gold ore bodies, water flow rates will be increased up to double the current rates.
There is no specific timetable for the effectivity of the buy-back program and management at its discretion will act on the timing and buying levels as it deems fit,' the disclosure said.
Perez added that centenarians who died upon the effectivity of the law will be given a posthumous plaque of recognition together with the cash incentive to be received by their nearest surviving relative or family.
Under the law, the Supreme Court shall promulgate the rules and regulations for the effective implementation of this Act within 30 days after its effectivity.