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the effector must have a planar motion depending on two independent parameters;
Distinguishing among effectors, systems, and platforms allows greater flexibility and certainly better adaptability.
The simple TAL effector translation code allows researchers to specifically design TAL binding proteins to bind to a DNA sequence of choice.
T cells into effector CTLs capable of responding through lysis of the target cell, thereby serving as a direct measure of CTL activation.
The loss of CMV-specific CD27(-) T-cell effectors in a patient with recurrences of CMV retinitis is independent of HIV-1 vitamin.
The problem, they say in the DecemberCLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY AND IMMUNO-PATHOLOGY, could result from a similarity between the "hook" the virus uses to grab its target -- immune effector cells called CD4 or T4 cells -- and an unrelated protein on other white blood cell types that tells the immune system that these cells are "self" and shouldn't be rejected.
The Le Haillan facility manufactures multi-function end effectors, as does the KUKA Systems global headquarters for aerospace in the United States.
Today's launcher-based AVePS prototype comprises a radar/infrared sensor system, a fire control computer, a multiple launcher including a fragment-free effector as well as safety electronics.
From this matrix one may select the 1 link as a basis and the 6 link as an effector.
In this article is described an automated end effector exchange system--AHC.
Papers are in sections on inflammatory effector cells, allergens, immunotherapy and pharmacotherapy, immune effector cells, and diseases of impaired barrier function.
Micromet AG (Munich, Germany) has patented a (poly)peptide construct consisting of at least two domains of at least two pluralities of domains wherein one of said domains or pluralities of domains comprises a de-immunized autoreactive antigen or (a) fragment(s) thereof specifically recognized by the Ig receptors of an autoreactive B-cells and wherein a/the further domain or plurality of domains comprises an effector molecule capable of interacting with and/or of activating NK-cells, T-cells, macrophages, monocytes and/or granulocytes.