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A logica causal e a logica effectual sao duas abordagens alternativas e nao excludentes utilizadas por empreendedores no processo de criacao e desenvolvimento de novos negocios (Sarasvathy, 2001a, 2008).
An effectual mean to deal with this main problem is to structure an information base, which offers truthful information without dispute.
The network relations of entrepreneurs represent one of the central aspects of the effectual process.
Thirdly, in their literature review on studies examining the decisionmaking logic from the effectual point of view, Perry et al.
Studies of expert entrepreneurs have distilled their heuristics into four effectual principles: means orientation, affordable loss, building partnerships, and leveraging contingency (Dew, Read, Sarasvathy, & Wiltbank, 2009).
Sarasvathy (2001a, 2001b) baseia-se em Simon e March para mostrar como os empreendedores usam uma logica effectual, que e uma Abordagem Transformativa, sem o uso da previsao ou visao na criacao de novos mercados e novos ambientes.
An example is He talked me into it, where the predicate talk, which designates an activity, is treated as if it were an effectual action (i.
This effectual drive is not just helping local communities to learn and be more prepared in fighting smartly against Dengue but it also helps them learn an easy way to develop an effective mosquito trap at home by using daily house-use items.
However, the decision-making process can differ significantly between start-ups and established firms--rational and effectual being examples of modes.
It is fundamentally wrong that Menai Deli loses its largest customer and though they may be well-meaning, the Charities Commission, our MPs and AMs are unlikely to do anything effectual.
The proposal needs effectual implementation to yield results.
THE effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.