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Effectuality foregrounds impact on the child, and includes impact on the parent and teacher.
In a research done by Bialo and Kachala, the effectuality of IT facilities in learning procedures has been studied.
We have already seen that when we limit ourselves to this general determination-destination, we are missing the "frame" that connects it to the effectuality of this being-there in this situation, thus concretely determined.
14) Such a "self," of course, is best characterized not in terms of mere "movement and perception," as Aristotle would have it, but in terms, rather, of effectuality--the effectuality that movement and perception make possible.
The media constantly reinforce the effectuality of non-humanities disciplines, too.
ABCDRE abecedary ABTULSM habitualism CNMNE sea anemone CTUACNLSM situationalisn FECLET officiality FEKCT efficacity FXULET effectuality IDLSM idealism LENACN alienation LOQCNRE elocutionary LUCNSM illusionism MEDAC immediacy MN8RE emanatory MRLET immorality NDVDULET individuality NFEKCS inefficacious NILACN annihilation NSNCLET inessentiality NTAVACN antiaviation FTXPRENCLSM antiexperientalisn OBDNC obediency RKDN Arcadian RRR aurora SNCLET essentiality SOCACN association SOCATVT associativity SSNACN assassination XEBCNSM exhibitionism XSRE accessory 309 threonine 4NR foreigner 6SM sexism 8NUACN attenuation
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