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Such a clarification in the regulations would serve to effectuate congressional intent that the reasonable cause exception be applied in an evenhanded and fair manner.
There are various steps necessary to fully effectuate the change and we will notify our stockholders once the process has been completed.
The courts have been slightly more receptive to the deductibility of reorganization expenses incurred to effectuate a tax-free divisive reorganization.
Accordingly, the Board has reserved the right not to effectuate the Stock Split if the aggregate amount to be paid to cash-out fractional shares exceeds $1 million.
That DHCR would actually seek to fully effectuate legislation that is generally perceived as being pro-owner is a clear indication that the rules of the game are changing.
Warshaw has advised the company that, as a result of this purchase, he will be discontinuing his Rule 10b5-1 sales plan under which he has been selling Steiner Leisure common shares on a weekly basis and that he will otherwise not effectuate any additional sales of our common shares (including through the exercise of options and subsequent sale of shares) through December 31, 2005.
The sale leaseback is one vehicle that can enable credit-worthy companies to effectuate these changes.
However, KMA has been working diligently with creditors and investors to effectuate a settlement outside of bankruptcy.
Immediately prior to the merger, Salmon will effectuate a 1-for-3.
If IWO receives the requisite votes from the holders of its Senior Notes, it intends to effectuate the proposed pre-packaged Chapter 11 plan of reorganization pursuant to a filing under the Bankruptcy Code in late December 2004 or early January 2005.
As soon as the Company amends its charter documents to effectuate the reverse stock split, the Company intends to terminate its registration under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 and the shares will not be traded on the OTC Bulletin Board.
Statements herein express management's beliefs and expectations regarding future performance and are forward-looking and involve risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, the satisfactory completion of various surveys, the availability of sufficient operating capital in LTI, JHP Resources Limited, and Key Gold to effectuate the parties' respective business plans; fluctuations in the price of precious and non-precious metals; stock price fluctuations; and other risks.