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OB) announced that it had, on December 31, 2003, effectuated (a) the rescission, ab initio, of the exercise, by certain of its shareholders (the "Subject Shareholders"), of 13,000,000 of the oversubscription rights of such shareholders, and (b) the rescission, surrender and cancellation of all of the remaining warrants that were acquired by the Subject Shareholders in the Company's shareholder rights offering (collectively, the "Rescission Transactions").
NNA - An Israeli reconnaissance plane violated the Lebanese airspace at 12:35 on Wednesday from above the Southern Lebanese village of Rmeish, and then effectuated U-shaped flights in the skies of South Lebanon, to later leave towards the occupied Palestinian territories at 23:10 from above Rmeish village, a Lebanese Army communiquA' said on Thursday.
OTC:CLCI) ("Cadiz" or "the Company") effectuated a 1 for 25 reverse stock split with the filing in Delaware of an amendment to its Certificate of Incorporation.
the Lebanese airspace from above the Southern Lebanese village of Kfarkila, then effectuated U-shaped flights in the skies of Blbek, Hermel, Riyak, and off Sidon shore, then left towards the occupied Palestinian territories at 20:35 from above Naquora, a Lebanese Army communiquA' said on Tuesday.
The proposal may be effectuated by merger, acquisition, or other method of combination.
over the town of Naqoura, and effectuated u-turn maneuvers above the localities between the Shouf and the South, Army Command-Guidance Directorate said in a communiquA'.
The name change was effectuated to better reflect the new direction and emphasis on the company's Aircraft Communications and Security business.
25 am and effectuated circular flights over the various Lebanese regions, a communiquA' by the Lebanese Army Command - Guidance Directorate said.
In conjunction with the new symbol change, the company also announced today that it has effectuated a 1-20 reverse split of the issued and outstanding shares of its common stock.
The three planes effectuated circular flights over different Lebanese regions, and then left at 1:15 am on Friday towards the occupied Palestinian territories.
In connection with the settlement agreement, the Company effectuated a one for ten reverse stock split and completed a rights offering in July, 2002, and the Company's preferred stockholders completed a limited tender offer in May, 2002, among other things.
The enemy plane effectuated the usual-maneuvers over the southern localities, only to leave later the Lebanese airspace at 13.