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Likewise Seamus Coleman - tremendous against Chelsea in the FA Cup at the weekend, the Irishman toiled manfully but struggled to find much end-product last night, and cannot sparkle so effervescently every week.
They submitted effervescently, in capital text; at paragraph 73.
TOM, DICK AND HARRY Trinity Players, Sutton Arts Theatre, Sutton Coldfield THIS is a brave and successful production by Jane Aston and Gary Simmons - brave, because only three of the cast of ten had been onstage before, and successful because the newcomers' burgeoning enthusiasm enables them to cope effervescently with the fun-filled skills of writers Ray and Michael Cooney.
With the most recent pieces, one almost has the impression that oxygen is bubbling up through a liquid, that small brightly iridescent particles are dancing effervescently to the surface or sinking to the bottom in slow motion.