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This model, then, which is linear, sender-centered, focusing on the efficaciousness of the chosen medium is technocratic in nature.
The authors also encourage spa participants to consult their physician before attending this or similar programs and research the center vigorously for safety and efficaciousness.
For the CE mark, you only have to show the product is safe; the efficaciousness of the product comes later in post-marketing studies.
The underlying premise for strength-based models is that motivation for sexual behavior can often be linked to a common human need, such as affiliation, mastery, competence, efficaciousness, emotional intimacy, or physical pleasure.
Physicians in general are not aware of the efficaciousness of supplements addressing glycemic control and hence unlikely to recommend nutritional-based solutions.
For in this case, Christians not only seek to prove their efficaciousness and productiveness to their Muslim neighbors, but primarily to themselves.
However, PPP, its coalition partner Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), and PML-N criticized Imran Khan, questioning the efficaciousness of his rally in the long run.
bar]stric rites, such as oaths, ordeals, and penances, enhanced belief in their efficaciousness.
As Antonio Patriota indicated,(28) Brazilian reactions were cautious for two main reasons: first, the conceptual difficulties involved in defining new areas for the Council's action, which sometimes cannot be characterized as "security problems"; and, second, the problem of efficaciousness of interventions that tend to deal with domestic matters.
More specifically to determine the efficaciousness of these classic theoretical predictions in a military setting, this paper analyzes the dynamic effects of accumulating human capital on the separation (1) rates of Marine Corps officers at different points in time after commissioning.
The efficaciousness and "important future" of the "supremely satisfactory invention of this Mr.
The efficaciousness of heterotopias as regards the implementation of national narratives, as the paradigm of ancient theaters in modern Greece demonstrates, may invite further reflection upon the various ways in which heterotopic imagination partakes in the formation of the Greek nation itself.