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For example, do some efficacy sources move teachers from awakening to actualizing levels of culturally efficaciousness at a faster rate?
A closer investigation of the soul-calling incantation and ceremonial song reveals that the Karen ethno-nationalist movement also extensively drew upon the wrist-tying ceremony's idiom of soul-body association, and appropriated the notion to gain popularity and efficaciousness as a mass political utterance.
But what we are looking at here is the efficaciousness of negative effect as another venue towards interpersonal articulation.
However, as Part III shows, when the laws and their respective provisions interact in practice, the efficaciousness of these laws becomes suspect.
Despite the NYCLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights' empirical findings casting serious doubt on the efficaciousness of stop-and-frisk, Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly's refuse to retreat from their defense of this controversial anticrime program.
It appears that Africa's failure to harness the cultural and social efficaciousness of language in national construction is contrasted with the observable trend in all the world's developed countries which have well calibrated language policies.
There are few things as conducive to peaceful resolution as this exercise, and its efficaciousness will only increase if they are given sober appreciation (not extravagant, effusive praise) by their parents.
Holy Motors at once pays tribute to and exemplifies the transformative efficaciousness of cinema.
Second, the charges that Obama failed to perform a central presidential power--establishing his "narrative" in media coverage and "rallying the public"--pose expectations of efficaciousness that are unsupported by rigorous research.