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The Black, with cool and terrible efficiency, was forcing him steadily, step by step, into a corner of the square--a position from which there could be no escape.
In the prahu with him his eleven hideous companions now bent to their paddles with slightly increased efficiency.
A man of soft civilization, sitting at a desk, would have grown lean and woe-begone on the fare that kept Kama and Daylight at the top-notch of physical efficiency.
As a Law-giver, he had encouraged and achieved strength and efficiency within his tribe.
An outcast himself from the pack of the part-grown dogs, his sanguinary methods and remarkable efficiency made the pack pay for its persecution of him.
It shall not be said that I sacrificed efficiency to economy," said the Governor.
Despite my increase in strength and general efficiency, I was receiving no more than when I worked in the cannery several years before.
One of the pleasant and axiomatic fictions they have created is that they are superior to the rest of mankind in wisdom and efficiency.
The amiable suggestion of the birch switch--to the efficiency of which all of Mrs.
What saves us is efficiency--the devotion to efficiency.
From the girls and women near her, all swinging irons steadily but at high pace, came quick glances, and labor efficiency suffered to the extent of a score of suspended or inadequate movements.
Before the public he would have liked to vindicate the efficiency of his department by establishing the identity of that man.