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Albanese, which was nominated for the honor by the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), was chosen based upon its commitment to energy efficiency as evidenced by a series of factors, including documented energy savings; energy efficiency investment and cost-effectiveness; comprehensiveness; commitment from management to continued energy performance; proven operations and practices; and overall organizational leadership.
Since I don't have room to discuss all of the components in detail, I'll focus on two that typically decrease the efficiency of the system the most: ductwork and charge.
While an effective wet end chemical program has a profound effect on process efficiency, papermakers still seek ways to get the same process benefits using less chemical product.
Honda's average fuel efficiency in its power products represented approximately a 28% improvement over 1995 figures through the introduction of GX and GC series engines which use OHV (Over Head Valve) and OHC (Over Head Cam) technologies and a cleaner, 4-stroke, 360-degree inclinable engine -the M4 series- to the handheld market where 2-stroke engines were the mainstream.
Generally speaking, an engine's duty cycle, or how hard an engine is working, will influence the relative fuel efficiency of the machine," says Bruce Farrar, manager of off-highway communications for engine maker Cummins Inc.
The energy dependence of the registration efficiency was measured using the gravitational spectrometer.
While HERS inspections can cost as much as $400, the projected savings from energy efficiency are considered part of the borrower's income and can help homebuyers qualify for larger mortgages.
6% transmission efficiency between co-feeding ticks to a transmission efficiency of 85.
The author argues that to say something about efficiency, we have to understand effectiveness.
After filter efficiency, air volume capacity is key to selecting the best in-room air cleaner.
To achieve unprecedented efficiency, the device used multiple layers of semiconductor materials.
Gas-fired preheaters have thermal efficiencies of 60%, which is lower than furnace efficiency, however the use of relatively inexpensive gas reduces net operating costs;