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Is it not true that that known as a trust produces more efficiently and cheaply than can a thousand competing small concerns?
Let us not destroy those wonderful machines that produce efficiently and cheaply.
returned Clennam, upon whom this impression was so efficiently made by a mere gleam of the polished head that he spoke the ship instead of the Tug.
He had no remorse; but the evildoer who can hold that avenger at bay, cannot escape the slower torture of incessantly doing the evil deed again and doing it more efficiently.
F5's BIG-IP solution provides organizations with a more intelligent and adaptable way to secure, optimize and deliver applications, enabling organizations to efficiently and competitively run their business.
DWP General Manager David Wiggs brushed aside Chick's criticism that the DWP should take up a consultant's recommendations on running the municipal utility more efficiently before seeking an 18 percent increase in water rates.
Third, the policy-based administration provided by Tivoli Storage Manager helps ATPCO efficiently archive data and manage data retention against corporate policy.
Additionally, these firms, which may never have worked together before, are suddenly expected to efficiently coordinate their efforts in pursuit of the final project goal.
The company was seeking an ad-serving solution that would work more efficiently and reliably with the hardware and platform in place at the time.
DEMA selected VISTAGY's FiberSIM suite of software, powered by EnCapta([R]) technology, to help its engineers more efficiently create complete 3D digital model-based definitions of composite parts in order to limit the use of 2D drawings and manual processes.
The changes will enable GSA to efficiently meet the rapidly growing needs of its customer agencies for assistance in the procurement of Information Technology (IT) products, services and professional services.
LANCASTER - Making the courts run more efficiently and improving the quality of justice are among the issues raised by three candidates running for one of two Antelope Valley judges' seats in the March 7 election.