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EFFIGY, crim. law. The figure or representation of a person.
     2. To make the effigy of a person with an intent to make him the object of ridicule, is a libel. (q.v.) Hawk. b. 1, c. 7 3, s. 2 14 East, 227; 2 Chit. Cr. Law, 866.
     3. In France an execution by effigy or in effigy is adopted in the case of a criminal who has fled from justice. By the public exposure or exhibition of a picture or representation of him on a scaffold, on which his name and the decree condemning him are written, he is deemed to undergo the punishment to which he has been sentenced. Since the adoption of the Code Civil, the practice has been to affix the names, qualities or addition, and the residence of the condemned person, together with an extract from the sentence of condemnation, to a post set upright in the ground, instead of exhibiting a portrait of him on the scaffold. Repertoire de Villargues; Biret, Vo cab.

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The group will not say yet if they will burn the the president's effigy after his speech, a tradition it has held under the previous administrations.
We are literally helping Trump to live out his own catchphrase, 'Burn it down,' by exploding the effigy as the opening act for our fireworks display," Jeni Fox of the Edenbridge Bonfire Society (http://www.
Besides Modi and Shah, the effigy had faces of Mahatma Gandhi's killer Nathuram Godse, Yoga guru Ramdev, firebrand BJP leader Sadhvi Pragya, religious guru Asaram Bapu and JNU vice-chancellor (VC) Jagadesh Kumar.
Property owner Billy Pitner told KVAL that he hung the effigy because Clinton has committed a crime and he wants to bring attention to it.
But, 400 years on, to still think that it's OK to chuck an effigy of him on top of a fire seems a bit barbaric, really.
To get the effigy into position must have been a pretty hazardous job in the dark.
I know which one I believe deserves to be burnt in effigy.
Controversy: effigy of Bobby Sands in coffin on bonfire
Waterloo Bonfire Society claimed they had scrapped plans to parade and burn the effigy - one of two produced - in "light of responses received".
Each trial consisted of Day 1 (before) when we baited both plots with food (a large container of French fries, a large soft drink cup, and a paper bag); Day 2 (after) when we used scare tactics and an effigy; and Days 3 and 4 (after) when we hung an effigy in the treatment plot.
In spite of a somewhat narrow focus on a particular type of sculpture--the recumbent effigy (gisant) that reproduces the corpse of the deceased--Lindsay's text nevertheless embraces an interdisciplinary approach, with a particular emphasis on how funerary sculpture regularly intersected with issues of architecture (notably the buildings that housed funerary monuments) and landscape (in the form of outdoor, garden-like cemeteries).
The protesters also burnt an effigy depicting Naxalism.