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There is an intriguing lemma to the missing chapter 8,8, in which Gellius is going to tell us what he experienced when he tried 'to interpret and, as it were, to reproduce in Latin certain passages of Plato' (quid mihi usu uenerit, interpretari et quasi effingere uolenti locos quosdam Platonicos Latina oratione).
Webster imported the same Latin tag from Martial (Ars utinam mores, animumque effingere posset; / Pulchrior in terris, nulla tabella foret; If only art could paint his mind, his spirit as they were
Romanus vel Romani stili peritus, For he, or any ancient Roman, or ut iurisconsultor praecipue, vel any man learned in the Roman quisquis ille phantasticus literary style, as a jurisconsult Tullianis lectionibus assuetus, in particular would be--or whoever simillimum orationis genus that fantasist, immersed in effingere.