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The initiative is aimed at 10-year-old children who undergo an eight-week course which covers different areas such as about the effects of tobacco use, sleep deprivation, the effluence of water and discussions on the health benefits of physical activities.
Nearly 700 MGD of effluence is being generated every month in the Capital.
Like Heffer's image of humans drowning in their own garbage, we have continued to pour our pollutants into the environment, literally choking the planet with our effluence and almost ensuring an ecological end for terra firma if massive changes in environmental policies aren't made immediately.
Its been proven to increase plant productivity by recovering product, improving overall equipment efficiency, reducing cleaning time by as much as 50 per cent, reducing effluence and cold feet into the waste treatment plant, and preserving the environment by using less water consumption and harsh cleaning chemicals.
He discusses assessing the effluent quality, the biosorption of Cu(II) onto agricultural materials from tropical regions, cyclic sorption and desorption of Cu(II) onto coconut shell and iron oxide coated sand, modeling the kinetics of Cu(II) bisorption onto coconut shell and Morina oleifera seeds from tropical regions, removing Cu(II) by biosorption onto coconut shell in fixed-bed column systems, and treating gold mining effluence in pilot fixed bed sorption systems.
After much banter Socrates agrees to answer one question, "in the manner of Gorgias," and he, therefore, transmits the definition of color as "an effluence of figures, commensurable with sight, therefore perceptible" (76c-d).
Cultivation of oil palm in Pakistan will not only beautify the coastal areas but will also reduce the ecological effluence plus this will help Pakistan to reduce its imports bills.
But the miraculous, soft effluence of her breast suffused over him, over his seared, damaged brain, like a healing lymph, like a soft, soothing flow of life itself, perfect as if he were bathed in the womb again.
The varied effluence is a testament to the multiple sources that have reduced the basin to its current state.
They look at how you control and track your effluence, your water usage and your waste products," said Geoff A.
The factory managers are requesting that the Chinese Government allow them to release a substantial monthly quota of untreated chemical effluence into the Pearl River.
Provision of Water Supply Systems in the Villages affected by effluence sugar mills in Tehsil Phalia, District Mandi Bahauddin with cost of around US$ 4 million, Establishment of the Waste water Treatment Facility in Tehsil Pattoki, District Kasur worth US$ 4 million, Establishment of the Capacity Building Center for Agriculture and Livestock Technology at Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi with cost of US$ 3.