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Not as effortlessly entertaining as the 2001 Rat Pack remake, but still plenty smooth; this cast is more offhandedly amusing than most movie casts that are trying full-bore to be funny.
As beginners experience the exhilaration of moving through the water effortlessly, their confidence grows with each practice session.
This ability to effortlessly manipulate the solution not only empowers our client, but it provides them with an incredible return by enabling them to control the ongoing costs associated with the content management solution.
Beethoven's two last piano sonatas were given with a command of technique which almost escaped notice and a limpid clarity of delivery which drew us effortlessly into the composer's highly-personal imaginative soundworld.
Any product claim that promises to trim you down and tone you up effortlessly is false.
ArrowSpan's dual radio design provides better Wi-Fi coverage, and can expand internet hot spots to hot zones effortlessly by using Wi-Fi mesh technology with plug-n-play installation.
She's always felt like Clark [Superman's alter ego] makes everything look so easy - he's effortlessly Superman, and he's effortlessly a great boyfriend, and effortlessly a great reporter," Kreisberg said of how Kara sees her cousin.
LIVERPOOL student, Sean Fell, loveshis effortlessly trendy skinny jeans.
He fully voices all the characters, switching effortlessly from a British to an East Indian accent.
How much tensile strength would Spiderman's webbing need to enable him to swing effortlessly from skyscraper to skyscraper?
Musically, Body of Song finds Mould effortlessly integrating the defining styles of his career, including the raw distortion of Husker Du, the plaintive pop of Sugar, and even the dance spin of Modulate.
Although no cure-all, term limits force public officials to continually run for new offices rather than effortlessly remain in the same ones.