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Perfect for post club wind downs, albums such as Pungent Effulgent and Erpland were as much staples of the stoner's CD collection as Orbital's Snivelisation and KLF's Chill Out.
On his kneeling down to kiss you on the day he marched away, Are you weaving dreams of glory tinged with flames effulgent glow?
The random encounters and missed connections that drive the plot of Young Girls are even more intricately overlaid than those in Lola, and the movie's color scheme more effulgent than that of Umbrellas.
If Bale stars again, we can look forward to Lawro hailing him as a coruscating, effulgent, incandescent, lambent and luminous talent with a left foot that is not only adroit and dexterous but also efficacious, puissant and unyielding.
Full marks, though, to the performers - Cr Caerdydd, a well-balanced SATB choir based in Cardiff (from whose ranks emerged the fine mezzo-soprano soloist Rhiann Williams); our own Lichfield Cathedral Young Voices, who displayed both beauty of tone and endurance; the excellent Manchester Concert Orchestra, with its sonorous strings, effulgent brass, and four distinctive soloists for extra instrumental gloss - and Jenkins himself, who conducted throughout the 79 minutes without raising a sweat.
Sethe burns with a desire for this Real, radiating an effulgent passion that Beloved intends the reader to feel and experience, but not emulate.
Therefore, as it is right to remind states and would be leaders of their obligations under international law, it is equally right that an international and growing constituency of the people demand that the moral dimension, Emerson's "moral sentiment", is a recognised truth, not relativism, or reductionism, and that the "moral state" is the effulgent progenitor for any debate on all issues affecting human progress, and the cause behind any evolving effect.
The airy rooms and living room passages in the apartment are braided with effulgent vitrified tiles and are admirable.
The romantically effulgent piece places great demands on the interpreters: the piano part is in many places akin to s piano concerto (in the first movement, the composer even prescribed a small cadence for the piano), but the string instruments are afforded significant space too.
The theme of the demonic recurs when Shiva enters the daruvana "forest of pines" in Tillai as the lonely beggar Bhikshatana, effulgent with ascetic energy.
I would like to dedicate this publication, my first since his untimely passing last year, to an inestimable mentor and effulgent spirit and mind--Emory Elliott.
Despite that effulgent knock, the cynics are still asking of what use it was since India could not win.