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How does the author of an academic book capture the radiant and effulgent mind, attitude and sound that was Maya Angelou?
And while I was typing this letter to you my friend, the front door made music as the keypad was punched and in walked my other daughter from university all excited and with wet hair, talking a blue streak about a date in the dark, of eating at a restaurant in the dark, being seated by a blind waiter and her excitement was palpable, she was effulgent then blushing when I saw the ring on her finger, not from the boy but given by a roommate and it made me forget what happened this week that had left me stuck in the mud of fear and distrust.
The fragmented, invented reminiscences merge in a vision paradoxically (if emphatically) "not as they always were," as if to evoke an effulgent divination of others as they might have been.
There are parts of the story where that "thank you" is forthright and grateful to anarchy--to the moments when the aspiration for openness and leaderlessness made it possible to reclaim some of the basic essence of what politics was always supposed to be about, when people felt free to pour their talents without reserve into that effulgent commons.
Upon seeing the body of the Blessed One, effulgent with diverse marks, she felt an absolutely inspired confidence (prasada), and questioned her father-in-law: "Is there any way whereby I may also become endowed with such qualities?
Indeed, that horn call in that symphony, almost like no other, symbolizes the effulgent musical imagery permeating German scores for more than three centuries.
I saw that it was truly luminous and effulgent, but that it needed the greatest caution.
A golden retriever snored lightly in a patch of sunlight on the floor as Josh Tetrick, the 33-year-old founder of Hampton Creek Foods, waited for me to scoop up the fluffy, effulgent goop with a chunk of bread.
Inside these stories: a landscape of the hospital made romantic: girls with anorexia, bodies made effulgent from lack, a world where the skeleton is a beauty mark, like Marilyns mole.
I am your brother of light, and have floated with you in the effulgent valleys.
Perfect for post club wind downs, albums such as Pungent Effulgent and Erpland were as much staples of the stoner's CD collection as Orbital's Snivelisation and KLF's Chill Out.
On his kneeling down to kiss you on the day he marched away, Are you weaving dreams of glory tinged with flames effulgent glow?