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It was effused with prawns and served with a tangy lemon and dill mayonnaise, plus three little slices of toasted bread.
But several parents effused further over the security and support for parenting they feel at Nyland.
the trees glowing against the jet background" he effused in his Travels in Alaska.
Hydrogen is rejected from the solidifying to the liquid stages and then to the atmosphere but the RPT depends on the gas bubbles to be manifested in the sample rather than being effused off.
Mugabe's "intellect and vision has no obvious equal among the continent's leaders," effused The New York Times at the time, and his country was "the linchpin of peace and the model of racial harmony" for the region.
Next she captivated the audience with Gopalakrishna Bharati's composition Sabhapati veru daivam samanamaguma that effused a gamaka-laden rendition.
These customers, in turn, nourish us with the means to keep the cycle going, and they nourish us with the good vibes effused by choosing to respect their bodies and their community with wholesome, local food.
Thompson, who planned to attend the prom at Blanche Ely High in Pompano Beach, effused "I never thought I was going to go to my senior prom.
In a recent phone interview, she effused about Selya.
Simon effused, ``I like Bob, I like his music, I've known him for a long time .