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Zizek attaches this father to "an Otherness" (Ticklish Subject 314) that is not the Other of the Imaginary or Symbolic, not the father as either Imaginary ideal ego or Symbolic ego ideal.
Although Freud uses three distinct terms for the agency that pushes the subject to act ethically--he speaks of the ideal ego (Idealich), ego ideal (Ich-Ideal), and superego (Uberich)--as a rule he conflated the three (he often uses the expression Ichideal oder Idealich (ego ideal or ideal ego), and the title of chapter III of The Ego and the Id is "The Ego and Superego (Ego Ideal).
Our relation with the stars is constitutionally nonreciprocated; in King of Comedy--the ur text of the abject fan--we watch in horror as Rupert Pupkin and Sandra Bernhard insist that the Jerry Lewis character return their intimate feelings toward him, having insanely exchanged their mutilated egos for identification with him as their image of wholeness, their ego ideal.
Early socialization contributes to her understanding of what roles are reinforcing and suitable, leading, in psychoanalytic terminology, to the development of the ego ideal.
This ego ideal remains always an unrealized and elusive potential, and thus a source of frustrated primal yearning.