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As egocentric and ethnocentric, they create instruments that monitor internal and external threats to the community's welfare and preserve community community stability through both rewards and punishments.
A special case, parametric version of the egocentric altruism model is given by the CES functional form reported in the Appendix (The Egocentric Altruism Model).
Since many of us don't want to confront such selfish egocentric maniacs I think it is better to put their details in print for the police to take action.
Despite his near-legendary status as a player, the Bulgaria gaffer is one of the least popular figures in his native Germany, where he is viewed as too egocentric and incompetent to be handed the homeland jobs he has always craved.
In 9 chapters, topics covered include cognitive visual memory in cats, the role of egocentric and allocentric frames of reference in spatial memory, allocentric spatial memory in young and older adults, egocentric coding of target location in visuo-spatial working memory, the role of steroid hormones in brain development, and familiarity and spatial congitive style.
Two centuries later, competing literary scholars, feminist Hannah Jarvis and egocentric Bernard Nightingale, convene in the same library to debate the evidence that Byron might have dueled there.
Now he pops up in this episode of the engaging sitcom whice involves a bunch of egocentric phone retail staff.
By identifying with dispositions toward the good, one is able to move beyond the egocentric view of personal interests, and act instead in light of the interests of all humankind, at least where such interests are not opposed to the good.
I'm the leader of my Yorkshire tribe I'm the priest of the family flock I'm the original egocentric In an avalanche, the biggest rock.
Analyzing the recent SDSM Congress and the promotion of this party's program, Mirka Velinovska assesses in Nova Makedonija that the new Branko is the same old arrogant "phrase inventor" who simply cannot escape his own egocentric nature.
Collette is using universal themes--that some young children hate sharing, are egocentric and noisy.