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If this is possible, then the traditional answer that philosophy gives to the egoist loses its bite.
Finally, iterated PDs are a transformation of payoffs that reduce the dichotomy between collective and egoist considerations.
No Safe Haven: Casino, Friendship, and Egoism" seeks to defend the egoist, in this case the character Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci), against the presupposition that one who values the self above all else cannot engage in friendship that benefits both parties.
Hitler was not some garden-variety warrior like all the Friedrichs and Henrys and Henris that had rampaged through European history, not some militaristic fortune-hunting imperialist stealing the unexploited riches of unsophisticated Second and Third World aboriginals, not a romantic egoist like Napoleon.
This confusion makes Spencer's endorsement of other-regarding conduct appear to have constituted an abandonment of egoist, or individualist, belief in pursuing one's own ends.
Fixed Effects Tobit Regression Estimating the Amount Contributed in the Public Goods Experiment, by Subject Type Variable Egoist Model (SE) Altruist Model (SE) Intercept -2.
Our culture is one of rabid consumerism, egoist entitlement, video violence, cult of celebrity and seeking spiritual support from a Pilates mat.
Among so many editors and their fiefdoms--Harriet Shaw Weaver's The Egoist, Ford Madox Ford's Transatlantic Review, Harriet Monroe's Poetry, Margaret Anderson's The Little Review, Marianne Moore's The Dial, John Crowe Ransom's The Fugitive, Lincoln Kirstein's Hound and Horn, Eugene Jolas's Transition--the greatest autocrat was unquestionably T.
Her self-description was not entirely flattering: "a pessimist if I'm not careful, a feminist always, a Black, a quiet egoist, a former Baptist, and an oil-and-water combination of ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty, and drive.
Nozick's justice as entitlement carried to the extreme is social Darwinism, which is less justice than egoist ethic).
egoist, benevolent, and principled) as they specify three distinct bases for moral judgment.
During its serialization in Margaret Anderson's The Little Review in America, and in Harriet Shaw Weaver's The Egoist in England, to whom, via Ezra Pound, Joyce sent corrected carbon copies (retaining the top Copy uncorrected for himself), the complexities of the composition of Ulysses were founded.