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More recent research on the egoism-altruism debate has demonstrated that both empathic and egoistic motives are influenced by the contextual cues of need severity and relationship closeness.
Case in point: Lee Krasner was a brilliant American painter who sacrificed her own career for many years to attend to her husband Jackson Pollock's every need, no matter that he was stubborn, eccentric, egoistic, vain, etc.
Thus, the boy was one of the victims who didn't adapt to the egoistic and competitive society.
Egoistic, cranky, and digressive, Tomas blasts away while relating pick-up techniques, meditations on chamber pot use, ways to assign monetary value to noise pollution, and much more.
There has been a continued clash between individuals and institutions for egoistic reasons and everyone in the corridors of power seems to drag each other's feet, with total disregard for the future of the war-torn country.
Syed Ali Gilani in a statement strongly criticized the Indian Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, and other BJP leaders for their statements on the Kashmir dispute, saying that their narratives reflected negative and egoistic approach.
If your heart is in the right place and you are not egoistic, you can become selfless for the person you love.
Under this egoistic context, everyone has a strong sense of belonging and teamwork under strong leadership and cultural dignity, and higher degrees of this perceived egoistic view indicate a stronger and unified ethical climate within an organization.
Just as a reminder, Ahmeti stated that foreign egoistic and regressive services were not only provoking the crisis, but also worked against Macedonia's integration in Euro-Atlantic institutions.
The Aounis, however, are drunk on their egoistic emotions, and are so desperate to see their leader elected that they cry foul saying such a scheme belittles the Constitution.
In a world of egoistic superstars, this man shone like a beacon.
Depending on the values, Stem and colleagues' perspective pointed out that some pro-environmental behaviors require making some short-term sacrifices which indicate suppressing egoistic motives for the sake of collective interests (Steg, Dreijerink, and Abrahamse, 2005).