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I find myself moving in the direction of egomania, but not just any kind of egomania, "spiritual egomania.
Robert Orth, looking uncannily like Nixon, was perfect for the title role, suggesting both Nixon's egomania and his humanity.
Bush's declaration that he believes "God wants me to be President" has been revealed to be not simple egomania or even a refreshed vision of theocracy.
Wilson's terminal egomania played a significant role in thwarting those designs, as did the unfettered greed of European statesmen eager to feast on Germany's corpse.
He played mean, he played nasty, he played coolly sneering blurts of sound, and even when he played beautifully, it seemed he was commenting on beauty rather than lending it voice, that at the core of every melody was a disaffection that rendered beauty irrelevant, an attitude increasingly informed by a politics compounded of anger and heroin and egomania.
Lindsey's appreciation for Saddam's egomania is fully justified.
Nixon, their nemesis, is driven by egomania, paranoia, and other psychological disorders.
But this time around, it's egomania rather than moneymania that's making the financial world go round.
Ignorance of client wishes, inaction to client requests, or just massive contractor egomania are key factors in contractors losing their contracts.
But anyone who dreams of raising the standards of journalism would be well advised to cater to the egomania of reporters.
Producer and director Sean Grundy promises: "We Are History combines the incidental, cumulative humour of People Like Us with the egomania of Alan Partridge to be a must-see, anti-history of the last 2000 years.