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You, Ghek, are an example of the egotism of which I spoke.
Even through his great egotism was filtering a suspicion that they patronized him; perhaps even pitied him.
Just so long as it was there he would have it--and there was shown the egotism of the fighting man, though Turan did not see it, nor Tara who came from a long line of fighting men; but Ghek might have smiled had he known how.
Monsieur," replied Athos, sternly, "do not be unjust and senseless in your egotism, or your grief, whichever you please to call it.
A tremendous Egotism, manifesting itself in your case in the form of jealousy, is as fearful a fiend as ever stole into the human heart.
You have grounds for your egotism, as I have for my love.
The minister said that the oppressed and deprived people all over the world were benefiting from Iqbal's philosophy of emancipation and egotism.
Psychopathy is defined as a personality disorder characterised by lack of empathy or feelings of guilt, uninhibited behaviour and egotism.
8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Egotism 9 Badge 10 Ochre 11 Garbage 12 Loo 13 Falsetto 16 Chairman 17 Axe 19 Peloton 21 Cupid 22 Taboo 23 A la mode DOWN: 1 Remould 2 Poohpooh 3 Side 4 Aberdeen 5 Idea 6 Fever 8 Megalomania 13 Friction 14 Teaspoon 15 Needles 18 Spite 20 Lobe 21 Cyan QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Have the hump 8 Ram 9 Oar 11 Element 12 Pitta 13 Son 14 Hen 15 In-depth 17 Tee 19 Oath 21 Weld 23 Acts 25 Ever 27 Hid 29 Alarmed 31 Ass 34 Bet 36 Salsa 37 Survive 38 Ego 39 Lid 40 Opinion poll DOWN: 1 Halo 2 Amen 3 Eternal 4 Hatred 5 Hop it 6 Moth 7 Pate 8 Reset 10 Ranch 16 Hot 18 Ewe 20 Ash 22 Era 24 Cheer up 25 Erase 26 Presto 28 Dated 30 Learn 32 Sago 33 Slop 34 Bill 35 Evil
Martin Fry's outfit always seemed a bit too grown-up for that scene, cerebral even, more at home in smokey lounge bars than among the mascara and egotism of the Blitz club.
As Ben veers between admiration and disdain for his immigrant flatmate and engaged school friends (a goofy Alfie Allen and sympathetic Katie Brayben) who are mere props to his jealous fury, the audience are left wondering what is to like about this play which is essentially an exercise in egotism in which the playwright steals all of the best lines.
Dubbed as #StopBinayWalk," Paredes has expressed disgust over the egotism of Binay "who thinks he does not have to answer serious allegations of corruptions against him.