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His demeanor has been often described as stubborn, egotistic, intelligent and critical.
Voters decide election results, not egotistic politicians.
Christofides said his client had not displayed egotistic behaviour in his driving leading up to the accident, which he described as a momentary lapse on Syllouris' part.
At least, the egoistic and egotistic originals had more 'K' in the sosyal department, while their current replacements are decidedly less blue-blooded and blue-chip.
He's in a terrible hurry to tag the characters with labels - a helpful soldier, an overweight gaming geek, a steroid-enhanced egotistic chauvinist etc - with little or no effort at character development.
On another note, Ayatollah Khamenei made the following observations regarding conflict in Bahrain: "In Bahrain there is an authoritarian and egotistic minority oppressing a majority.
Politicians therewith, need to do away with their malpractice by halting all bickering among themselves and, by reviving the state institutions which remain over and above narrow egotistic interests, Rahi went on.
Despite Blag's incessant hype tactics and egotistic self-promotion, they tore through a great set that barkened back to the Blood, Guts, and Pussy days.
Finally the Bennets meet the amiable Mr Bingley and his egotistic friend, Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy, at a ball.
ONLY an egotistic individual such as David Cameron could belittle the true meaning of the honours list by rewarding Tory party individuals who have done nothing for Queen and country other than for their own personal aims.
He covers sequential techniques of social influence, techniques involving egotistic and self-presentation mechanisms, the role of wording the request, interaction dynamics and the surprise factor, techniques of social influence using mood and emotion, and a few more issues.
The reason for this social carbuncle (The Lords) to remain in our legal process is to top up pensions and perks for failed politicians and egotistic millionaires.