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He thereby negated the egotistic assertion of a creator and hinted at a dialogue between the object and the maker.
Bachchan, who is the picture of sobriety in real life, has no problems embracing this potty-mouthed, grimy, egotistic, whisky-guzzling geriatric.
Some egotistic sportsmen on these shores could learn a thing or two from the little master.
They are all egotistic and refuse to come to the spot to attend to cases, even when called.
But here one wonders whether the extreme interpretative choices are egotistic rather than artistic, and that is what both the rehearsal and performance give us the opportunity to assess.
He should no longer bow to demands of egotistic politicians of Lakes state who always want to feed on anarchy of our state.
However, man's application of the kingdom principle as history has shown us took off initially from the concept of the divine right to rule, but quickly diminished to the building of egotistic empires.
Instead of merciless battering in those fortissimo sections, Aji used them as outpourings of feeling rather than egotistic opportunities.
performance and the agonising suspense waiting a decision from egotistic, self-centred often downright ignorant judges in the so-called '''' Talent'''' shows?
Criminal, egotistic politicians out to safeguard their own interests at the literal costs of Indian athletes putting their life, soul and money to compete under the Indian flag -- which they now cannot do -- while at least making it to the Olympics thanks to the generosity of ordinary people online.
But despite his battles with drugs, his egotistic behaviour, and the resulting fractures and frustrations within our band, we are heartbroken, angry and disgusted at what has been revealed.
In view of this, how can a man possibly be so masochistic or so egotistic as to become a referee?