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With the flood of investigations trader way, corporate insurers and their D&O claims specialists should look to the facts of each case, including evaluating whether the insured's practices were publicly disclosed, whether company insiders conducted themselves in a particularly egregious manner to benefit themselves or whether corporate officials reasonably relied on advice from outside financial and tax advisers.
Plenty else is egregious, as well, such as the muscular plot straining early on to make the lottery winners' lives miserable (that happens much later) and the general nature of the show's lazy characterizations (20 winners and not one with a truly memorable trait).
Having abandoned any pretence at doctrinal orthodoxy, the Anglicans now make great show of berating African bishops (and others) for their supposedly egregious violation of canon law by crossing diocesan boundaries to minister to parishes which do not wish to be under the jurisdiction of a heretical bishop.
In one of those two cases the physician accused of egregious testimony resigned from ACOG before the grievance process could be completed, Dr.
For repeat visitors to the Ethics Committee, he says, "We would look at suspending members and, in the most egregious cases, terminating them.
While it left open the possibility of civil suits for intentional violations, it narrowed the likelihood of success to the most egregious situations.
Henry Ford's famous distain for history is not necessarily an example of his anti-intellectual predilection; there are far more egregious examples.
Rodgers cofounded and has been CEO of since 1982, has been an egregious options issuer and serial repricer.
But a lot of these reports were based on egregious circumstances.
The IRS is addressing nonfilers and focusing on the most egregious and high-risk segments of the population.
Stringer analyzed data for six types of the most egregious hazardous building code violations, or just 2% of the total 379 categories.