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The Venture has placed a high priority on gathering data on the long-tailed duck, American common eider, black scoter, surf scoter and white-winged scoter because of historical or current population declines, and concerns about harvest potential or habitat limitations.
Lot 2 Befliegungsgebiet Eider (approximately 240 km2), landlocked, tidal and outdoor Eider.
Other National hopefuls running in the Eider are last year's winner Wyck Hill, Portrait King and Neptune Equester.
With a speculative entry in the Grand National, success in the Eider would enhance the prospects for Maurice Phelan's 10 year-old.
Irish raiders have won the Eider on just three occasions, with Tony Martin's Hollybank Buck (1999) and the Charlie Swan-trained This Is Serious (2002) landing the prize before Portrait King's win three years ago.
We can go for the Eider and races like that any year.
Hopefully he'll come back here next month (BetFred Eider Chase, February 25).
In Massachusetts, that means hunting mergansers, long-tailed ducks, buffleheads, black, surf, and white-winged scoters - or eiders.
the eider is a hearty sea duck that wildlife biologists exalt as a conservation success story.
Meanwhile Tim Walford expects Gypsy George to go well in tomorrow's Eider Chase.
The mystery of the eider duck die-offs pulled together Ellis, Bogomolni, a biologist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI); WHO1 biologist Michael Moore; and other researchers at Tufts, the Cape Cod National Seashore, International Fund for Animal Welfare Marine Mammal Rescue & Research; the U.
Lead poisoning is known to affect a related species, the spectacled eider, as well as other waterfowl.