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The task of this careful, extremely detailed observation of enormous swaths of the celestial firmament, as described by the science writer Bryson, also familiar with the case of Evans, reveals what appears to be a prodigious eidetic memory for star fields, as in visual terms, the occurrence of a supernovae is observable within the visual field of the astronomer as a dot the size of a grain of salt; in Bryson's (2003) words:
Such a meta-categorical view on Reality, as presented above, is in eidetic and twice-aprioristic contrast to the pseudosynthetic, inter-subjective, commutative logism of a thing "A" being arbitrarily, conditionally given as "A and non-A" at the same time by way of a homogenizing, "modernizing", "newly introduced" human interaction-type superficially (beyond just artificially
That's why reality cannot be reduced to an eidetic intellectual grid, the omitting thought or the empirical facts.
The elephants in the room--plague and cold--bellow like eidetic images, apparently undetected by the author, who does not mention climate and hardly mentions disease.
An eidetic memory has the unexpected effect of allowing Rachel to see past enchantments sorcerers use to hide their secrets.
Whitney), the excellent three-movement suite Looking Upward, as well as some of his most famous marches, including the official US Marine Corps march, Semper Eidetic.
As Gadamer explains, 'there "is" the reality of the genus of things mixed from the peras and the apeiron [the reality of genesis] just as there "is" [the eidetic reality of] the peras and apeiron themselves (and just as there "is" necessarily a cause for the third, mixed genus).
This, however, is not to indicate that the for-the-sake-of-which functions in terms of an explicit, intentionalistic, futurally projected goal, and here we must keep in mind what was stated earlier about eidetic abstraction (thematic seeing) not playing a crucial role in the process of Dasein's involved, everyday coping, for when encountering the for-the-sake-of-which "we do not need to introduce a mental representation of a goal at all.
It is hard, for example, to imagine [section]9's David Wallace writing something like "I think you deserve better [reader], and that you're intelligent enough to understand and maybe even applaud when a memoirist has the integrity to admit that he's not some kind of eidetic freak" (257 n.
This ability to understand such a multitude of conflicting parts can be equated to an almost super-human ability, but there is another piece of Lisbeth that makes this possible, she has an eidetic memory (394).
To this day he claims he can see the rainbow -an eidetic image burned into his brain, an unmistakable sign of God's presence-shimmering before him.
His eidetic memory delivers dates and names at such a pace that it seems, at times, rehearsed, and at other times simply overwhelming.