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Grounded in the permanent verifiability of the eidetic constants of the organic life-world, empirical science advances into the continually deferred full presence of the things that appear within that life-world.
Only recently he left his schoolmates awestruck with a display of his eidetic memory at a special assembly arranged to showcase his unique ability.
Uniquely, the rear view mirror reflects an image that, on a casual glance, might appear to be brownish-colored clouds; on closer inspection, the mirror eidetic is a discernible map of the western world as it might appear from somewhere in space: Indeed this jacket-cover jettisons us right into the novel's opening scene with Bobby Bonaduce, Doing seventy, pointing north [on an interstate freeway in Maine], window wide open and elbow on the edge.
Each work at once depicts and replays his signature devices with an eidetic memory.
In other words, there are facts, there are words that are facts, and both find their way into the poem, but given the nonsensical "objectic" that is closely related to eidetic (or the ability to clearly visualize previously seen objects) which also leads into "eidem," a dative form of Latin which denotes an indirect object, Moure also wants to insist that the perception and description of facts can always only be indirect as both are inflected by the perceiver and their culture.
A Vassar girl with an eidetic memory, Cindy remembers pretty much everything she's seen, heard, or read.
Ahsen's findings were first published in 1965 in the book Eidetic Psychotherapy, and imagery research has been studied at universities worldwide.
This policy change was made at the request of a number of our tasking clients because of their worry over possible problems with eidetic memory.
482), which is to say that contrary to Derrida's reading (or excerpting) of this text, philosophy is still a restricted rather than general economy, an eidetic science or meta-discipline.
He has stayed out of jail by defending himself in court, where he displays a withering command of pertinent case law (he has an eidetic memory).