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But, in our approach, these two are not yet eidetically qualified and simply exist as part of the infinite contingency of phenomena--and so we can regard A already as both entity and process, without the need to make use of the earlier formalized aspects of Buddhist logical representation.
Hence, up to the most lucid isomorphism, the "within-the-within/non-non-A" element of an eidetically qualified entity {A} (which, unlike an ordinary entity subject to Buddhist and Kantian dialectics, definitely possesses genuine, empathic inwardness and outwardness) can be identified as none other than the Universe, which in turn is the noumenal A itself, while the corresponding "without-the-without/none-of-these" element as Reality itself, whereas the conventional modes of "within" (A2) and "without" (A1) are, respectively, the abstract phenomenological A and the concrete (or material) phenomenological A.
This, again, is beyond the level of omnijective reality (omnijectivity) or conscious surrealism (of "altered consciousness states") and mere inter-subjectivity, for it is an eidetically qualified noetic determination without parallel and residue.