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Was it conceivable that this whole poison belt incident had been an elaborate dream?
In partial compensation the costumes were often elaborate, with all the finery of the church wardrobe and much of those of the wealthy citizens.
Here she entered hurriedly and ascended to a room where a handsome young lady in an elaborate house dress was looking anxiously out the window.
The other program so far included for fiscal 1987 is even more elaborate, involving three spacecraft from the United States (NASA's), two from the European Space Agency and one from Japan.
On Saturday, elaborate altars lined the streets, paintings hung from underneath a tent and impeccably painted lowriders stood along the avenue.
Maurizio Cannavacciuolo stands out among Italian artists because of his extremely elaborate style of painting.
As early as the 4th century AD, inscriptions, elaborate or as simple as "honey," embellished the inside of the band.
Two elaborate haunted houses are open this weekend in Lancaster, a Halloween-costume music recital is scheduled for Saturday, local libraries next week will host craft sessions for youngsters and the Palmdale Playhouse will present a stage version of classic scary radio shows.
Take the video installation Der Sandmann, 1995, an elaborate meditation on the mechanisms of recollection and temporal awareness, and, I think, the most sophisticated work of contemporary art I've come across in recent years.
Wuhan CATV is now able to bring more elaborate, colorful, and interesting programming to all their subscribers.
The elaborate web shrouding the bushes along Bull Creek in Lake Balboa Park is no Halloween decoration, but the work of spiders that have turned the foliage into their own metropolis.