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Movie legend Gary Cooper is commemorated in America Remembers' elaborately decorated Winchester Model 94 lever-action rifle.
But it was not Sandby's pessimistic reflections on London street life that attracted elite buyers: instead, Wheatley's sanitized ensembles, harking back to Laroon, with hawker and customer both elaborately clad, became the most successful suite of hawkers ever published.
Consider what you'll miss if you don't go: Perched atop Persian carpets high above the ancient city's bustling labyrinth of bazaars, winding alleys, and elaborately carved wooden doors, the hotel's open-air Tower Top Restaurant serves everything from battered pepper shark to mango cobbler.
Airlines, tour operators and hotel chains are all hard at work undermining the Puritan Work Ethic with a smorgasbord of special offers for the "business extender," ranging from half-price hotel rooms (with "welcome" fruit baskets, flowers, Champagne and a "personal thank-you" from the assistant deputy house manager) to elaborately packaged mini-vacations (with "gourmet" dinners, tickets to a show, golf and tennis), insidiously favoring double occupancy.
With a confident smirk, I would put my hand up--only to be reduced to the class laughingstock, stumbling over my words before I could even start my elaborately planned response.
But for more and more of the pop audience, perfection is more desirable than authenticity, especially if they're paying $100 a ticket for an elaborately choreographed Madonna or Beyonce concert.
The villa's crowning glory was its water theater, elaborately described by Ehrlich to set the stage for the challenge faced by the Borghese when the election of Paul V signaled the moment to claim their place on the Tusculan hill.
This production, premiered by the Butler Ballet in April 2003, is a four-act, two-hour, elaborately plotted story ballet with libretto by Laurent's wife, Ellen Denham and original score by Butler music professor Frank Felice.
Through the bouts of rain and sun, the fete ushers in majorette troupes and the elaborately costumed Moko Jumbies, who make their way through the crowd on stilts.
In Jazz, Matisse's cutout forms are mingled with meditations on random topics, elaborately scrolled and interspersed throughout the composition.
Opera Atelier's production, the most ambitious in its history, was as usual elaborately period-costumed by Dora Rust-D'Eye, even more elaborately period-choreographed than usual by Jeannette Zingg (who incorporated sword-fighting and demon-dancing ballets) and directed by Marshall Pynkoski in a style that toned down the company's trademark Baroque gestures somewhat in an obvious effort to capture some of the dramatic directness of the ancient Greek original.
The more elaborately festooned a business plan, the weaker its overall contents.