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Hump," he said to me, elaborately polite, "kindly take Mr.
I was too tired and out of spirits to eat or drink much, especially with the solemn servant waiting on me as elaborately as if a small dinner party had arrived at the house instead of a solitary man.
Supporters of the Boys & Girls Club of the Santa Clarita Valley kicked off their Festival of Trees last week at the offices of The Newhall Land and Farming Company, a fund-raiser expected to attract up to 20,000 people to bid on 100 elaborately decorated tannenbaums.
As the Furness and Hewitt partnership practiced a Victorian version of appropriation, incorporating a range of styles and periods into their designs (the Academy's facade combines Gothic arched windows, French academy-inspired reliefs of artists and architects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and elaborately patterned Philadelphia brickwork--all topped wit h a mansard roof), it's fitting that Marti, with his contemporary impulse to appropriate, would borrow from them.
2) Betty Bingham uses a spinning wheel to create elaborately designed items.
In 1993, a momentary impulse to slash the surface of a painting on paper led to a series of elaborately excised works that continues to the present.
Additionally, it includes a range of Siemens Original Accessories like an attachable red eye reduction flash, a variety of stylish CLIPit Covers Premium, an elaborately designed Headset Purestyle and the flexible "plug&play" Car Kit Easy with an exchangeable mobile holder for future compatibility.
The elaborately staged Midas Records Presents: The VH1 Save the Music Tour Featuring Angel has just commenced, and heralds the late summer release of the multi-faceted performer's much-anticipated solo album.
The elaborately costumed show will be staged at 7:30 p.
Transgender politics (multicultural at that) were extensively covered by Never My Soul, 2001, Kutlug Ataman's multiscreen video portrait of a Turkish transvestite which, were it nor for its medium, could very well have been an epic mural or a series of elaborately knotted tapestries, laden with fateful sexual watersheds and garishly colored challenges to the beholder's normality.
The magazine's motto, Wealth in Perspective, "acknowledges that many affluent individuals are also business owners whose commercial and private interests are often elaborately intertwined," explains Brett Anderson, CurtCo Media's Senior Vice President, Editorial.
Clad in elaborately embroidered and embellished dresses with stiff, paneled skirts that can cost as much as $2,000 each, and wearing wiglets of springy curls, the dancers hold their upper bodies and arms completely still while their feet fly through the complicated steps.