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2) Elaboration of up to 12 design documents (conceptual/main design or their parts) related to
Data show that over 200,000 citizens and companies have not submitted an application for developing an elaboration and if they fail to do so as soon as possible, the object that will not be legalized, will be torn down.
Politics plays a major role in the elaboration of security strategies, this does not represent just a political choice issue.
TUNIS (TAP) - An Inner Cabinet Meeting (ICM) looked, Tuesday, under chairmanship of Prime Minister Habib Essid, at preparations for the elaboration of the regional development indicator.
The elaboration of the plan was set to begin in mid-October and be finished in 22 months.
In order to help, she presents the elaboration model for the multivariate analysis of quantitative data.
Common questions for elaboration in all categories include:
It would play a fundamental role for him in the formation of alternative ways of listening to Western music, emphasizing elaboration rather than development.
Such elaboration would allow readers to discover the historical, cultural, and social implications beneath Wilson's geographic and period specific plays.
Jacob Sullum's rich review of Szasz Under Fire is an unusually sophisticated piece, but there are some subtle points that deserve a little elaboration.
Purple Rain is thus a contemporary elaboration of one of the foundational impulses of video art, exemplified early on by Nam June Paik's Magnet TV, 1965 (in which the signals received by a television set are distorted into abstraction by the presence of a magnet): to use the hardware of broadcasting in ways that defy its ostensible communicative purposes.
The experiments, which took place at ultra-low temperatures and under high vacuum, were a collaboration between a group--including Gross and led by Francesca Moresco--at the Free University of Berlin and a group led by Christian Joachim of the Center for Materials Elaboration and Structural Studies in Toulouse, France.